To reflect, design and manufacture inventive tailor-mane. To grasp a subject, with its context and specificities. To find and study suitable solutions, bringing style and singularities. To do all these, I use my ingenuity and creative mind.

Working mainly with wood as it is an organic and natural material very pleasant to shape. I seek to supply with quality wood, of known origin and as local as possible.

Depending on the project, I also can associate other materials such as metal (steel, aluminum) or even plastic, where they are meanfull (structurally, functionally for example).

In this process, it is important to me not to leave aesthetics aside, the search for style being neither an excess or superfluous, nor an end in itself or a coquetry. Beauty can be functional, functional can be beautiful - aesthetic research must not betray reality.

With LKG-Atelier, I work to respond to situations by listening and respecting their particularities. It is natural to me to seek the singular, the original, and I have a dexterity in finding solutions thanks to my skills, my versatility and my inventiveness.


LKG-Atelier is based in Isère (38 - France) near the french Alps between Lyon, Valence, Chambéry and Grenoble.

LKG-Atelier is part of 3BIS (an entrepreneur cooperative) located in Grenoble. I take advantages of the facilities and equipments of l'Atelier du Canard in Saint-Quentin-sur-Isère, a shared professionnal workshop.

Who am I

My name is Luc, born in may 87, I build et create things since a young age - mostly out of wood and other materials.

With a scientific and technical university background, I 've worked for several years as an expert technician and research/R&D officer in a reputable acoustics engineering office.

I'm naturally curious an d inventive. Over the years, I self-trained a lot on different subjects, I have had many rich and varied experiences in different contexts, enriching my skills. I could be placed in the category "makers".

My skills and know-how are in various fields:
- manufacture of materials: wood, metal, miscellaneous,
- assemblies and mechanisms,
- electronic, electromechanical electrical,
- IT,
- acoustics, audio and sound techniques.